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Bill Hunter has 39 years of experience in Design, Manufacturing and Process Engineering available to Review, Assess, Assist with existing or new designs

Design Entry / Schematic

Schematic or Design Entry is the basis for any printed circuit board design.  It requires accurate creation of Symbol Libraries and connections between parts.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

IPC Registered Advanced Certified Interface Designer (CID+) Using the latest in Design Tools from Altium, Mentor, Eagle, Solidworks, CAM350, Blueprint

Industry Certifications and Memberships

IPC Certified Interface Designer

IPC Industry Certification for Printed Circuit Board Designers

IPC Advanced Certified Interface Designer

IPC Industry Certification for Advanced Printed Circuit Board Designers

IPC Membership

IPC Membership 


CAD Design and Layout Tools

Altium Designer

Altium Designer is a fully integrated Design tool that includes Shematic Capture and native 3D Printed Circuit Board design.

Cadence OrCad


OrCAD PCB design suites provide the industry’s best mix of cutting edge solutions and excellent scalability with various options to add capabilities as the design needs grow.

Solid Works

Solidworks sets the industry standard for 3D mechanical design package.  We use it for complex 3D footprints and for editing and manipulating enclosure designs.  

CAM 350 Gerber Editor

CAM350 is an industry standard gerber editing program.  This program can be used to edit existing designs at the production file level.

Mentor Graphics PADS PCB

PAD's is Mentor Graphics long time CAD offering.  It can be used with DX Designer or PAD's Logic for design capture.  It has 3D capability.

Eagle Cad / KiCAD / Others

Eagle CAD is a Shareware CAD program many designers use.  We can handle designs in Eagle CAD or KiCAD.

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